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The 5 Fundamental Areas of Life




Faith is foundational; it brings all the benefits of salvation into your life which includes healing, prosperity, peace, love, joy, and so much more!



Family is forever; it’s having someone that you can rely on to be constant and caring throughout your lifetime. 



Finances fund your lifestyle; money is irrefutably an essential and fundamental part of everyday life.



Fitness reduces stress, builds your self-esteem, and promotes happiness. 



Friendships are an opportunity to love, learn about ourselves, mature as human beings, and open up to the full experience of life.


Balanced Life Daily Checklist

Balanced Life Checklist!

The Balanced Life Planner® is more than just a calendar for you to set weekly goals and to-dos. It’s an organizational roadmap that helps individuals live and maintain a balanced life. It is centered around the 5 fundamental areas of life and provokes the user to be more mindful in these specific areas.


When you devote time and energy to the 5 fundamental areas of your life, you will reach success in ways you’ve never experienced; you’ll have more fruitful relationships, gain confidence in yourself, and begin to walk in your purpose.

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Finding the Right Life Balance is Important for Success


Our feelings of success, happiness, and fulfillment are tied to five key categories: The 5 fundamental areas of life. These are faith, family, finances, fitness, and friendships. These are all essential because, without one, we feel incomplete or even as if we have failed.

The Signature Balanced Life Planner® walks you through how to set your life goals and plan your days in a way that achieves balance in the 5 fundamental areas of life; it gets you started and keeps you on the path to living a balanced life, your BEST LIFE!

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Daily Action Plan Suggestions AND Balanced Life Goals


Weekly Focus

Join us! Let's do this together!

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Goal Setting Pages for each of the 5 Fundamental Areas of Life 

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