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Our Story


Tampa Bay Mompreneur, Karen Rae, never set out to create a product or start a new business, but when life slowed down as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, it was a blessing in disguise for her family. Karen knew that when life returned to "normal", she didn’t want it to look anything like it looked before, she wanted to live her life more intentionally and focus upon those things that matter the most to her - faith, family, finances, fitness, and friendships!

This thought led Karen to create The Signature Balanced Life Planner, an Inspirational Journal, and a collection of notebooks designed to inspire and empower women all over the world to take back their time, find life balance, and live their best lives every day.
True to her Florida roots, each product line features beautiful coastal-inspired art, designed to remind you of the peaceful feeling of the beach, and includes soft touch covers and gold stamping.

Nothing brings Karen more joy than to see her customers gifting and enjoying her products and most importantly living their BEST LIVES!

When Karen is not creating new products and running her company, you can find her attending church with her daughters, at her girl's swim meets, volleyball games, soccer matches, or enjoying a glass of wine while journaling or reading a good book. ​

Lets Be Friends!

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1. In the beginning it was just Karen and her love for organization, her desire to balance out the "5 Fs" in her life, and her passion for empowering others to live their best lives!


2. Karen's first team member was Sam! They met early on in the beginning stages of the company and have sailed through all the ups and downs together in building the brand that it is today.

3. The inventory arrived and we could not have been more thrilled with the quality and outcome of our products!


5. Karen made a couple of pit stops on the way to the post office to hand-deliver orders to some local customers!

The Journey


4. Karen and Sam got to packing and shipping right away. This consisted of lots of labeling, boxing and snacking of course!


6. Deliveries to the post office were exciting! However, we're thankful to have them picked up at our office now! 


8. We've now grown an online community of amazing people who also want to live their BEST LIVES every day!

IMG_5438 (1).heic

7. Our shipments keep growing and  we are so thankful for those who have joined our Balanced Life family!





9. We've had some fun photoshoots with some of those that are a part of our Balanced Life Community. Lots of laughs at this one!

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