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 Gayle Guyardo Interviews Founder and CEO Karen Rae - "Juggling the so-called new normal isn’t easy for many family. Local mom comes up ways to help other families. Check out Karen Rae's tips to live a more Balanced Life. Check out the full video with this LINK!

Bay Focus interviews Karen Rae, Founder and CEO of "The Signature Balanced Life Planner".   A great new tool to help us lead a more balanced life, including faith, family, friendships, fitness and finances.

Balanced Life founder, Karen Rae, sat down with WFLA Gayle Guyardo on Bloom TV to discuss the inspiration behind Balanced Life Planner® and her goal of helping others regain control of their lives. Watch the full interview NOW!

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. — Karen Rae is a single, working mom of two, and a driven entrepreneur who believes she can help improve your happiness in just five minutes a day. Karen created a system she believes can help us all, which revolves around faith, family, friends, fitness and finance.

Karen Rae, a 49-year-old single mother of two-daughters and businesswoman, teared up as she recited the lyrics of her late grandmother’s song, “Where in the World Have We Been?” Written more than a half-century ago, it’s still incredibly relevant today:   “In circles of life we are running. Round and round we do spin. Days pass so fast we can’t count them – where in the world have we been?”

Click this LINK and check out the full "Her Story" article 

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