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Ring in 2021 with a New Perspective and Life Balance

By Karen Rae, Founder of Balanced Life by Karen Rae® and Creator of The Signature Balanced Life Planner®

We've all had a tough year; for some, 2020 has been possibly the most challenging year to date. As we move into 2021, it’s time to leave all the bad things behind, try to regroup, start fresh and find a proper life balance again!

Let Go

Many of us are held back by a tangled web of past emotions, failures and barriers. We don't want to change careers because it’s too hard to change and we’re used to what we’re doing. We “can’t find time to get fit and healthy” because we have all these other things to do. We “can’t” find time for our family and friends because we have too many commitments. This is all old news. A fresh start calls for a clean slate.

Let everything from your past go (I know it's easier said than done!).

Let go of all attachments to what you’ve been doing for the past year. Let go of fears and anxiety you’ve built up. Let go of resistance. Let go of ideas about what life should look like because that’s the way it’s been so far. Let go of long-held habits and beliefs. You now have an opportunity for a fresh start.

Decide What Matters to You Most Today

Don't think about your goals for the whole year. If we've learned anything from 2020, it's that you can't control the future. Stop being hard on yourself. Instead, decide what you want to do today. What are you most passionate about today? What matters most in your life right now? What would give you the greatest fulfillment?

Often the answer is creating something, becoming a better person, helping other people or working on a project you can be proud of. This might be something you will work on all year--or it could just last a month, a few days or just today--but work on it with all your heart.

Get Help from Friends

Remember that it's usually easier to find balance with another person. Sometimes, if you're carrying all the weight, you can't find balance. But if you're not taking your share of the weight, you won't get balanced either. What's important is not how much weight you can carry at any given time, but how you interact and give energy or draw energy from each other. That's balance.

Envision What You Want

Now you can start dreaming: Get clear on what it is you really want. What goals have you set for yourself? What do you want and not want? This is absolutely the time to dream big, but I also encourage you to think about the best version of your life right now.

What’s an ideal day with the work and family and friends and the body you have now?

Get clear on what your best life should look like both currently and in the future. Write it all down in a journal and convince yourself that you can have it all--because you can.

Karen Rae is a lifestyle expert, personal development coach, and Mompreneur based out of St. Petersburg, FL. She’s been featured in Authority Magazine, The Hollywood Times, ABC Live Action News, and on BLOOM, Tampa Bay’s only daily 1-hour TV show focusing on health & lifestyle.

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