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BalancedLife®'s Mission is to help individuals regain control of their lives and reach their full potential.

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Weekly View of The Signature BalancedLife Planner® 

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The BalancedLife® Difference


The Signature BalancedLife® Planner

by Karen Rae

It is more than just a calendar for you to set weekly goals and to-dos. It's an organizational roadmap to help individuals start living and maintain a balanced life.  It is centered around the 5 Fundamental Areas of our lives and provokes the user to be more mindful in these specific areas. We like to describe it as part planner and part self-improvement book.

Guilt Free Planning - No More Planner Guilt

Undated and Pressure Free

When designing the BalancedLife Planner®, we threw out conventional designs and created an undated weekly planning guide.  What this unique design has done is two things. First, it allows anyone to start at any time. Second, is what we refer to as no-guilt - because the planner is undated, if you miss a week or two, you can pick it back up and start where you left off.  There's no more paper waste and no barriers to finding that balance again.  


A One of a Kind Community


Join a global community of like-minded people who will inspire you, push you, make you laugh, and encourage you to dream bigger!


Together We Make a


10% of profits go to feed kids and families.  YOUR contribution means that families will NOT go hungry, children WILL not be on the streets, souls WILL be saved, lives WILL be transformed & future generations WILL be given HOPE and a FUTURE!


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