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THANKSgiving – How to Incorporate the Five Fundamental Areas into Your Holiday Celebration

By Karen Rae, Founder of Balanced Life by Karen Rae® and Creator of The Signature Balanced Life Planner®

Want to spend the Thanksgiving holiday improving in the 5 Fundamental Areas of Life – Faith, Family, Friendship, Finances, Fitness? Read on to find our best tips!


Thank God for all that He has done in your life. It's very easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others and what they’re doing. Get out of that mindset. God wants you to have a thankful and cheerful heart. Remember this when you feel bad about not having or being able to provide the same blessings as others.

If you need help this Thanksgiving, create a gratitude list. Ask yourself, "What does God mean to me?" It’s amazing how long your list can get if you really re-examine the good in your life, especially during this time.


Holiday budgeting is a way to set limits that you will stick to—without caving in and reaching for the credit card—while still enjoying the season.

Start by planning all of your expenses for the holidays. Think about whether you’ll be organizing a holiday get-together, what you’ll bring to family members or friends, your holiday outfits, travel, gift wrapping supplies, and any donations you plan to make. 


You can enjoy Thanksgiving and even all the food—and stay active. If an early workout doesn't fit in your schedule, you can plan a fitness walk after the feast. For example, take your whole family out for a family hike or walk. Take your time to enjoy the late fall weather or, if it’s too cold, walk faster or find a place indoors to warm up! If you’re traveling away from home, go out to explore the town on foot and enjoy the change of scenery.


Take time to just sit and have a meal with your family. You don’t have to cook an extravagant menu to spend quality time with those you love. Turn off the phones and TV and connect with each other. Invite everyone to share something they’re thankful for—to stop and remember how blessed you are to have one another in these times of crisis. It’s easy to get caught up in mundane, everyday frustrations, so if it takes slicing a turkey and baking some fresh apple pie to slow down and enjoy each other, so be it!

Start a Friendsgiving Tradition

Sometimes your friends are the closest family you have. So it’s a good idea to get your friends who are like family together to enjoy this day.

Each person can bring a dish, which will make the event much less stressful. I really recommend organizing a Friendsgiving if your extended family lives far away or just can’t come, and your little family would like to share the holiday with others—especially your friends who don’t have other Thanksgiving plans.

Karen Rae is a lifestyle expert, personal development coach, and Mompreneur based out of St. Petersburg, FL. She’s been featured in Authority Magazine, The Hollywood Times, ABC Live Action News, and on BLOOM, Tampa Bay’s only daily 1-hour TV show focusing on health & lifestyle.

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