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Now’s the time to make the switch to Guilt-Free Undated Planning

By Karen Rae, Founder of Balanced Life by Karen Rae® and Creator of The Signature Balanced Life Planner®

How many times have you woken up, maybe a few days before the start of the new year, and pledged to get organized? You might have scoured the internet looking for the best possible organization tool, placed the order and a few days later began charting out your life in pure bliss. Until two weeks go by, you get slammed with work or tied up with household responsibilities, and now your planner has a few blank pages? You give up, now resolved to try again 345 days later.

Or picture this: It’s November, the holidays are on the way and you know you need help. Between planning your family’s Thanksgiving meal and double-checking your shopping list, you search for a new life planner, but, unfortunately, it only has pages for the rest of 2020. You’ll have to order the latest version and start anew.

One thing is sure; even for those who call ourselves planning junkies, getting organized can be challenging or even downright demoralizing.

“Our lives don’t start on January 1st. Neither should your planner.”

Undated and Pressure-Free

Our lives are fast-paced. They don’t pause at the end of the workweek, and beyond holidays and birthdays, months are often just ordinary milestones. Most of all, our lives do not merely reset when the year starts anew. So why do we expect our planners to follow the calendar year?

Undated planners like the Balanced Life Planner® come in all shapes and sizes, but all share a standard feature, they don’t follow the calendar year, which leaves you in control. It allows the user to pick up and begin on page one, anytime. While it seems simple, this uncommon feature matters. It means you can start anytime, whether it’s January 1st or December 23rd. There’s no guilt for getting started “late,” which is why the Balanced Life Planner® is guilt-free.

Don't work for your planner; make it work for you

Looking back to our initial example, so many people try and fail to organize their lives because their planner doesn’t work for them; instead, they’re working for it.

Getting sidetracked and missing a few days or weeks is relatively common for those of us using a planner. For many, though, this turns into a pitfall. We see missing a day a failure due to the gaps a forgotten day leaves. This happens, and it’s easy to avoid going back at all, which ultimately leaves us feeling guiltier than before.

For undated planners, this isn’t a problem. Writing your date at the beginning of each day allows you to start fresh and in control, whether you’re on an unbroken planning streak or picking it back up after a few missed days. The undated style also lends itself to greater flexibility in how the planner can be used. Perhaps you only wish to use it to organize your weekends or workweek. Doing this without wasting pages is only attainable with an undated planner.

Why Switch? Simple.

We have enough to worry about, and now’s the time to start getting organized, not tomorrow. For months, people have been preaching #SelfCare as the way of the future, now let’s expect our life planners to do the same for us.

Using an undated planner allows anyone to start at any time. No more throwing out half the planner if you want to start using it in July. No more sold-out planners when you’re ready to start and definitely no more guilt. If you miss a week or two, you can pick it back up and get on track right away. There’s no waste and no barriers to finding that balance again.

What’s a purpose without a plan, and vice versa? Use our Signature Balanced Life Planner® that will help your planning and purpose come together!

Karen Rae is a lifestyle expert, personal development coach, and Mompreneur based out of St. Petersburg, FL. She’s been featured in Authority Magazine, The Hollywood Times, ABC Live Action News, and on BLOOM, Tampa Bay’s only daily 1-hour TV show focusing on health & lifestyle.

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